Eco-Friendly Hydro Mulch

Hydro Ax Mulching is the process of using a Hydro Ax to chip trees or mow down brush and turn it into hydro mulch. A Hydro Ax is like a giant shredder attached to a tractor. It is a very powerful tool that is so precise that it will not damage the area surrounding what you are working on.

One of the biggest draws of hydro ax mulching is the precision you can achieve with it. Unlike with traditional brush clearing methods, we can easily thin out a strand of trees, while leaving certain areas untouched. It also allows us to quickly deal with any trees or brush found along fence or property lines.

Hydro mulching is easier on the surrounding land, too. There's no scraping or burn piles that damage the soil, and there's no need for expensive haul offs because there isn't anything to haul off. Once the hydro ax mulching is complete, the hydro mulch is spread back over the area. Not only does this allow the land to be worked on almost immediately, but the mulch also encourages grass growth, and stops erosion. Hydro Mulching is an intuitive way for us to recycle the land, and use it to promote healthy regrowth in the area.

What's The Difference between HydroSeeding and HydroMulching?

Both Hydroseeding and Hydromulching are revegetation strategies to grow back the grass in an area of land. These are mostly the same things however in the case of Hydroseeding, water is used to mix seed and fertilizer to the growth site. Proper machinery and equipment allow for even spreading of the mixture to get the best results. In the case of Hydromulching, the process is exactly the same except for the addition of a fiber-mulch. This caused the mixture to be a much thicker, sludge-like substance.

Hydroseeding and hydromulching are both efficient and sustainable methods of revegetating cleared lands or construction sites, especially when compared to traditional forms of seeding. These methods will often be used in areas where normal seeding is inaccessible, such as on slopes over a certain angle where seeds will spill over. Hydroseeding and Hydromulching are great alternatives to laying turf as well as a more eco-friendly option.

Advantages of Hydro Ax Mulching:

  • With our forestry-mulching machines, we can do land clearing in minutes what once took days and for a fraction of the cost
  • Innovative, efficient, environmentally safe
  • Have immediate use of your property located in Houston, TX or the surrounding areas including Conroe, TX
  • Does not damage feeder roots of desired trees
  • No permits usually required
  • Eliminates cost of hauling and disposing of debris
  • Eliminates unsightly burn piles
  • Mulch helps retain water and builds up top soil
  • Creates park-like effect, leaving a highly desirable, nutrient-rich mulch
  • Eliminates erosion and run-off problems associated with conventional land clearing methods

Disadvantages of a Bulldozer:

  • Causes soil rutting, erosion, and run-off pollution
  • Destroys top soil, causing increased recovery time
  • More costly land clearing method, takes more time, and debris must be burned or hauled off at extra expense
  • Bulky, heavy, and not usable on small properties or close spaces
  • Slow process
  • Requires erosion permits, silt fences, etc.
  • Completely removes top layer of soil
  • Scars from burn piles can cause soil sterilization and damage that can last for years
  • NO selective clearing─ bulldozing will damage nearby root systems of “keeper trees”

Whitehead Hydro Ax Mulching

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