Land Clearing Houston

Land clearing isn't easy, and as the Greater Houston area grows, the need for trained, experience land clearing businesses goes up. Instead of trusting just anyone to do the job, let Whitehead Environmental Land Clearing handle it for you. With over 15 years of experience with land clearing Houston, you can trust that your land clearing team will know the best ways to work around and clear the brush and trees that are most common for Houston and the surrounding areas.

Land Clearing is removing trees, and other vegetation from land. We use new, updated, state-of-the-art equipment, with different mulchers for different applications. Using our mulching machines, verses a more traditional bulldozer, allows us to clear the land with minimal damage to the ground, as well as any trees or plants you want to keep.

One of the biggest problems with 'traditional' bulldozer land clearing is the damage it does to the land you're clearing. Burn piles and the scraping of soil during the clearing leaves the ground damaged and prone to erosion. It can also make it difficult for anything to grow on the cleared area afterwards. Our mulching machines allow us to remove any unwanted trees and brush without damaging the ground. The resulting mulch is also spread back out over the area, to help decrease the chances of erosion once the job is done.

Our company updated to mulchers that use razor-sharp planner teeth for projects that do not include rocky conditions. Some of the benefits of the new sharp teeth are:

  • Increased production two to one over carbide teeth
  • Produces a finer mulch
  • There are no limits to the size of trees that can be mulched

We still utilize the mulcher with carbide-tipped hammer teeth for jobs that have rocky conditions.

Whitehead Environmental Land Clearing offers the following Land Clearing Services:

  • Selective clearing/thinning
  • Post-logging cleanup
  • Cut walking and riding trails and access roads
  • Wildfire fuel reduction
  • Pre-survey thinning
  • Deer leases
  • Pasture restoration
  • Stump grinding
  • Wildlife habitat projects
  • Right of way clearing and maintenance
  • Disaster relief/storm cleanup
  • New neighborhood developments
  • Invasive species removal
  • Fence line clearing
  • Cedar removal

Land Clearing Houston

When You Need Land Clearing Experts, Don't Call Just Anyone; Call Whitehead Land Clearing